Your reliable partner in second choice steel products and overstock materials

MonsTrade is the important link between the buying and selling of good second choice steel products and overstock materials.  In addition, flat carbon steel is our core business.  

On the one hand we support you as a seller with the takeover of your unused inventory of steel products, as well as with the takeover of declassified steel products.  We are in that a reliable partner, arranging for both a smooth financial arrangement and professional logistics.

On the other hand we offer to you as a buyer a wide range of good second choice steel products from stock, which can be perfectly used vor various applications.  As a buyer, you can make your own selection among the available types, qualities and dimensions or we assist you with finding the right product.   On top of that, we actively search the required product when it is not in our inventory.  We offer all our products at competitive prices.  Furthermore, financing belongs to our possiblities.  Our stock is located in our warehouse in Antwerp. 

During the whole process, personal service is our main concern.  From the first contact till the conclusion of each project, you work with the same contact person.  Confidence and transparancy are important values that we pursue.  In this respect, we offer to our clients the possibilty to check the quality of the ordered products in our warehouse before their delivery.  On top of that, all products are handled with professional care.  We work together with a logistic company, specialised in the storage and handling of steel.  Our big warehouse makes covered unloading and loading possible. 

Please send us your request, we offer you a qualitative solution!