Always available! HR Plates (Beginnings and ends of coils)

Thicknesses between 4mm and 20mm Quality range:  S235 ; S355

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Like our pink-marked 20mm Plates !

2nd choice 20mm HR Plates

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CR coils 0.32mm and 0.35mm - Overrolling quality - No rust

Overrolling quality - No rust 0.32mm x 974 0.35mm x 1199 DC01 

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Prime or 2nd choice? "One thing is sure, it is the best 2nd choice".

HDG 1.7mm x 913 DX51D+Z, without oil 15582kg

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White rust - no problem !

HDG 0.56mm x 1500 DX51D+Z275, without oil 9844kg

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HDG coils from stock

HDG coils from stock -  Good 2nd choice and overstock -  Location Antwerp -  Have a look at our stock list!

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